About Us

Pellet industry was born to take care of wood-waste, as the cost of traditional fossil fuels is rising and rising, and We are a specialist supplier of exclusively dry, ready to burn wood fuel including: wood pellets, briquettes and eco fire pellets.

We are dedicated to inspire people to enjoy affordable, convenient, sustainable heating experiences for their homes, businesses.

We are one of largest wood pellet manufacturer in India, since our launch producing wood pellets for residential and commercial heating use, we are expanding globally to provide multiple types of products using biomass materials for a variety of purposes.

We utilize wood biomass materials and turn it into a usable, sustainable, clean and efficient energy source.

Regardless of the industry or end use for our products, our goal is always to provide strong value for our customers, offering high quality materials and services.

Our Mission

We at Eco Biofuel put our best efforts to provide Eco Fire Pellets, high-efficiency heating products and systems that provides low-carbon, sustainable and affordable heating solution. We seek to make pellets heating a cleaner and deliver the most efficient renewable energy option for all industrial and commercial requirements.

Our Vision

To promote Green culture by providing cost saving and energy efficient Eco Fire Pellet heating solutions. Our desire is to strengthen our economy and position as a fast growing leader in low carbon energy.