Nature Biofuel Energy

As a manufacturer of premium wood pellet fuel, we believe wholeheartedly in helping people to enjoy affordable, convenient and sustainable heating experiences. We are dedicated to inspiring people to love the experience of sustainable wood pellet heat.

We are setting new benchmarks in this industry by manufacturing and supplying a quality range of Industrial Bio Mass Pellets. Offered pellets are used as fuel for boilers and huge centralized kitchens. Entire stock is processed by wooden biomass sources including palm kernel shell, coconut shell and whole-tree removal. Our pellets are best alternative to other fuel options as these ensure zero operational cost. Clients can buy these Industrial Bio Mass Pellets at market leading prices.

Special Attributes

  • Considered as a good alternative to the wood, charcoal and fossil fuels
  • Offered pellets are eco-friendly as these do not produce harmful gases on burning
  • These pellets are completely bio-degradable and recognized as a renewable fuel
  • Offered industrial pellets are used for heating large furnace in convenient, sustainable and affordable manner
  • These industrial pellets have less moisture content, thus, having higher BTU value and easier handling
  • These are available in uniform sizes and shapes, hence, easy to store and transport

Benifits Of Pallet Fuel

  • Eco Friendly Fuel as it is non hazardous, safe to use and store and pollution free with lowest emissions..
  • It is more economical than solid fuels (like LPG/Coal/Furnace Oil/Gas/husk/wood)
  • 1kg of oil/diesel =2 kg of pellets. R 67 vs R 25
  • 1kg of lpg = 2.5 kg of pellets R 63 vs R 37.5
  • 1nm3 of gas= 1 kg of pellets.R 40 vs R 12.5 for pellets
  • 4.5 units of electricity= 1 kg of pellets.R 27 vs R 12.5 for pellets
  • 6kg of steam = 1kg of pellets
  • 1.6kg of rice husk= 1 kg of pellets for steam generation
  • Distribution/Transportation cost is less than that of the solid fuels.

Energy Scenario


80% of the energy needs are dependent on the fossil fuels.
Energy consumption growing at 1.6% each year
At the current rate of consumption, existing reserves will deplete in next 50-75 years


18% of world population, 4% of world energy consumption
Presently using – predominantly – fossil fuels (87%)
Energy consumption growing at 5% each year.
80% of oil is being imported and now coal as well.

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